Website Design

Website design is extremely important. When your page is visited, it should be inviting, clean, and operate as smooth as possible. Each site is custom built, because of this, we don’t give a general price for sites. We do give free quotes and would be happy to discuss different what is right for your business and budget. Things to think about when thinking about a new site, you should know within seconds of the page loading:

The look portion of the design are only a part of it. SEO is just as important as the look of the site. If the site does not come up on the search engines, it will not be seen. What we do:

Website Hosting


Virus Removal

PC Repair

Data Backup

Data Recovery

Netowrk Setup

Each network has different needs, because of this, we bid each job individually. We would be happy to discuss your network needs and give you a free quote.

Network Maintenance